It's a day at the County Fair!

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Episode SummaryEdit

the County Fair starts the day with Mr. Stubborn playing the Whack-A-Clown game. Then it's off to the fun slide with Mr. Bounce. Then the amazing Little Miss Daredevil and Mr. Quiet take to the skies in an amazing stunt. Right after, Miss Whoops runs a pie eating-contest. Mr. Rude VS Mr. Scatterbrain. Then it's time for a trip to the local County Fair Funhouse. Then, Mr. Persnikity parcticpates in a pig-catching contest he didn't sign up for. The this episode concludes to an end. Song by Miss Calamity.


All's Not Fair at the County Fair

Running GagsEdit

Mr. Men catchphrasesEdit

Favorite quotesEdit

  • Mr. Scatterbrain: "WAIT! Okay, ready."
  • Mr. Rude: "We are testing pies, NOT, testing eyes!"
  • Mr. Scatterbrain: "OH! Well, in that case... Here's Blueberry!"
  • Mr. Rude: "Oh, ditch the goat!"

Background InformationEdit



  • Mr. Grumpy looked like an acordian when he exited the funhouse.
  • Miss Naughty mentions bull-fighting near the end of the episode. Simulates to the "Mater's Tall Tales" from "Cars Toons" (Episode: "El Materdor." Fights bulldozers.)