Little Miss Magic appeared in the second season of The Mr. Men Show. She kept her light brown color, round body, yellow nose and brown hair, but has two clips at the edge of it. A black top hat with a pink flower replaced her green striped bow and a pair of fuchsia Mary Jane sparkle shoes replaced her red sneakers. Her freckles were gone. Her spells go "Bibbledy Boop and Bibbledy (insert rhyme). Her magic is very defective, often causing hilarious results. She speaks with a Scottish accent. She was finally seen with Miss Sunshine, Mr. Small and Mr. Nosy in "Washing and Drying." Her catchphrases are "Sometimes my magic surprises even me!", "Isn't it amazing?" "Toodle oo to you!" and "Zara Zee!" She is voiced by Prudence Alcott.


Her first speaking appearance is in the episode "Hats"

On her hat, her flower is like Little Miss Bossy's.

She speaks with a Scottish accent.

Unlike other characters who have noses, her nose is a circle.

She is also friends with Mr. Fussy.

She's one of the Little Misses that didn't care when Mr. Rude is acting rude and have bad manners, but seemed to care in "Up and Down" and "Parks"

So far, Little Miss Magic is seen with Mr. Bump (Supermarket), Mr. Fussy (Hats, Dining Out, Trains and Planes), Mr. Happy (Up and Down, Pets), Mr. Rude (Up and Down, Parks), Mr. Messy (Up and Down, Skyscrapers), Miss Scary (Sneezes and Hiccups, Dining Out, Trains and Planes, Travel) and Miss Daredevil (Sneezes and Hiccups, Skyscrapers)

She is seen once with Mr. Tickle in Skyscrapers.

Her voice sounds similar to GB from Danger Rangers, but with a Scottish accent.