It's time for a trip to the mall!

Episode SummaryEdit

First, we hear the narrator. Then, Mr. Bounce goes to a shoe shop owned by Mr. Scatterbrain and looks for a pair of boots in size 6. After that, Mr. Persnickity goes shopping at Mr. Messy's cheese shop. Then goes to Dillydale Dance Floor. (Sang by Mr. Bump) It's chaos on the escalator! Mr. Stubborn seems to be going down the up escalator. Mr. Lazy goes to Mr. Tickle's robot shop and looks for a robot that does work. Apparently, the robot is too lazy. Then, Miss Calamity tests out a chair. We hear the narrator again who conludes a busy day at the mall.


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"At the mall, they'll even let you play in the fountain!" -Narrator

Background InformationEdit

  • This episode is with Boats.