Mr. Persnickety is also Mr. Fussy.He is very clean and tidy.


Season 1(Mr. Persnickety)Edit

  • Boo-Boos-He was taking out Mr. Nervos's splinter.
  • Farm-He was working on a pig farm.
  • Ships-He was teaching an exersise class.
  • Circus-He was the band leader.
  • Movies-Thanks to Mr. Messy, Mr. Persnickety was kiked out of the theater.
  • Mall-He visited Mr. Messy's cheese store.
  • Dillydale Day-He was part of the musical.
  • Sleep-He had a concert.
  • Pysical-He was a member for team orange.
  • Fair-Ms. Naughty tricked him into getting into a pigsty.
  • Heatwave-His car broke down.
  • Lake-He collected frogs witch Ms. Naughty set free.

Season 2(Mr. Fussy)

  • Picnics-He and Mr. Stubborn were having a picnic.
  • Driving-He picked people up to go on a "ride in the contry."
  • Toys-He invited Mr. Scatterbrain, Mr. Tickle, and Mr. Messy to try out his new toy-the Ticking Tomato.
  • Travel-He went with Mr. Messy and Mr. Strong to the Dillydale Mountains.
  • Libeary-He got a book about mud.
  • Dining Out-He and Ms. Scary went to Little Miss Magic's resteraunt.
  • Hats-He went to Little Miss Magic's Hat Store.
  • Clean Teeth-He was arguing with Mr. Rude.
  • Outer Space-He was a camera man for the morning news with Ms. Naughty and Ms. Scary.