Mr.Quiet is a silent and mellow mr men. who speaks in a whisper like voice. he spends his time avoiding miss.Daredevil and

mr quiet

meditateing in his zen garden.


Season 1

  • Boo-Boos-He was getting injured by Little Miss Daredevil.
  • Ships-He was rescuing Mr. Bounce.
  • Circus-Bumpers-He was on a trappeze.
  • Music-Mr. Noisy's noise intureppted Mr. Quiet.
  • Boats-He was a sepcial guest star on Good Morning Dillydale.

Season 2

  • Picnics-He had a picnic that was destroyed by Mr. Messy and Mr. Noisy.
  • Driving-He was in a car with Little Miss Chatterbox, then it broke down so he had to catch a ride with Mr. Fussy.
  • Outer Space-He was exploring Outer Space with some friends.
  • Clean Teeth-He was at the dentist in which his dentist is Miss Whoops.
  • Trees-He built a treehouse.
  • Bath & Bubbles-He was taking a bath, when Little Miss Chatterbox, Mr. Nosey, Mr. Small,and Mr. Noisy desturbed his privacy!!