Mr. Men 001

Mr. Grumpy sits on a painted bench, without dry paint!

Mr. Men 006

Miss Chatterbox looks her best.

Mr. Men 008

A car ride messed up when Miss Whoops paints yellow lines on the road.

Mr. Men 007

Miss Chatterbox, Featherhead, and Mr. Quiet.

B Oh.....Poopity poop!!!!

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It's time to get artsy and play with paint.

Episode SummaryEdit

We hear the Narrator. Then, Mr. Bump and Mr. Strong paint a tall building. Miss Chatterbox gets a picture painted by Mr. Rude and Mr. Quiet. Miss Whoops paints new yellow lines on Happy Drive. Miss Calamity visits the Dillydale Paint Store to mix new colors for her bedroom walls. Mr. Messy repaints his house, leaving Mr. Persnickity very mad. Then we conclude with the Narrator.


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Background InformationEdit

  • This episode is before Fish.



Mr. Bump turned into paint when he fell in the paint can.