Mr. Men Little Miss

The Mr. Men and Little Misses

Mr. Mean is loose!

Stamps I think The Mr. Men are in need of you!,

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The Mr. Men Show is a show about colourrful people with different personalites.





  • Mr. Strong talking plush
  • Mr. Bump talking plush
  • Little Miss Sunshine talking plush
  • Little Miss Chatterbox talking plush
  • Mr. Rude talking plush
  • Mr. Men Show figurines
  • Mr. Men Show beanies


  • Mr. Happy and Little Miss Sunshine Welcome You to Dillydale
  • Mr. Stubborn Says There Are No Monsters In This Book
  • Little Miss Whoops and the Garden Goof Up
  • Mr. Noisy's Wild Safari
  • Mr. Bump Goes Bumpity-Bump.
  • Little Miss Chatterbox's Over the Top Big Top
  • Mr. Tickle's Perfect Job
  • Meet the Mr. Men
  • Meet the Little Misses
  • Mr. Men Show Annual 2010