The circus is first appear in "Circus".

List of things to do in Dillydale Circus:

1. Mr. Stubborn, Mr. Nosy, Mr. Small and Mr. Strong put up a tent.

2. Mr. Persnickety let a clowns name Mr. Messy, Mr. Noisy and Mr. Tickle in a music.

3. Mr. Quiet is at a ticket boosth.

4. Mr. Bump on his trusty horse named Rex, Mr. Bounce jump into a tiny weeny bucket of water and Little Miss Calmaity on a bike on a thightrope.

5. Little Miss Daredevil was doing on a fast motorcycle and a contast.

6. Mr. Rude drives a circus van with clowns, tent, and an objects.

7. Mr. Scatterbrain put a circus colorful posters around Dillydale.

8. Little Miss Scary selling peanuts.

9. Little Miss Chatterbox is a ringmaster.